As with any trend, if you’re going to jump on board, you’ve got to know how to do it right. That’s where we come in to help you with this all-you-need-to-know guide to killing it at keto. The internet is flooded with options and methods to lose weight.

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Ketosis is the process the body enters when it is deprived of carbohydrate sources for energy, and it’s the state the keto diet will put your body into. After three months on the diet, people often see their results slow as they get close to their goal weight, and this is perfectly normal. Stick with the keto diet and you’ll eventually see those final pounds ease off. That being said, during your first week your keto weight loss will largely be water as your body is depleted of its carbohydrate stores. Once you’ve burned through the glycogen stores your body will have to use your fat stores for energy.

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